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All About Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)

Lingraphica User Group Visits Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey

Sailing the High Seas: Life Participation Approach to Aphasia in Action

Kudos from Customers Like You - June

Two Cornerstones of the Aphasia Community Turn Sixteen

There's a New Doctor in Lingraphica's House!

Here's What's Happening for Aphasia Awareness Month 2019!

Aphasia Spotlight: Utah State University Aphasia Support Group

New Software Update: Using Bing to Search for Icon Images

May is Here...and so are Better Hearing & Speech Month and Stroke Awareness Month!

Kudos from Customers Like You - April

A Look at Broca's Aphasia

Aphasia Spotlight: Staten Island Apraxia and Aphasia Support Group

Talk to Me: A Speech Therapist's Play About Aphasia

Kudos from Customers Like You - March

Aphasia Spotlight: University of Delaware Brew Crew Support Group

6 Reasons to Consider a Communication Device Instead of an iPad

Kudos from Customers Like You - January/February

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Aphasia Spotlight: Something Special at Adler Aphasia Center

Lingraphica Wants to Connect with Your Aphasia Support Group!

3 Keys to Better Communication After an Aphasia Diagnosis

What You Need to Know About the Six Types of Aphasia

Success Story: Michele Mazzoni Masters Her MiniTalk with a Familiar Stranger

More Holiday Tips...for Caregivers

Kudos from Customers Like You - November

New Software Update to Lingraphica's Family of Devices

Lingraphica User Group Goes on a Field Trip

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica November 2018

Aphasia Spotlight: The Aphasia Community Support Group at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

Kudos from Customers Like You - October

Qualities of a Good Caregiver

Kudos from Customers Like You - August/September

Success Story: Alvis Tutt Communicating Again with an AllTalk

Get Your Questions Answered in the Lingraphica Knowledge Base

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica October 2018

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica September 2018

Kudos from Customers Like You

Three Devices: So What's the Difference?

Are YOU a Lingraphica Rockstar?

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica August 2018

Making the Customer Experience a Top Priority

Lingraphica Culture: Why We Work at Lingraphica

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica July 2018

The Aphasia Journey: A Guide to Understanding Aphasia and Where to Find Resources

July 2018 ACE Webinar

7 Quick Tips for Communication Partners (and New Caregivers)

TalkPath News Facebook Group Poll Results

Questions You Should Ask During Your First Speech Therapy Appointment

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica June 2018

It's Aphasia Awareness Month! Be Sure to #ShareYourVoice

June 2018 ACE Webinar

Speech Therapy Apps: 8 Free Ones to Try

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica May 2018

Work Out Your Words: A Stroke Survivor Fitness Class

May 2018 ACE Webinar

How to Find A Stroke or Aphasia Support Group

Got Social Media in your Support Group?

Leaving the Hospital After a Stroke: The 6 Questions to Ask at Discharge

April 2018 ACE Webinar

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica Cont.

Medicare Card Notice: New Changes Beginning April 1, 2018

Success Story: Speech Therapist Robin Hintz Gives Big Praise for SmallTalk Apps

Lingraphica Earns The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval

March 2018 ACE Webinar

Welcome to the New and Improved TalkPath Therapy!

Tech Talk Q&A with Lingraphica

Aphasia Spotlight: The Aphasia Conversation Lab

February 2018 ACE Webinar

Tech Talk with Lingraphica

Video Series: Speech-Generating Device Myth - #4

Video Series: Speech-Generating Device Myth - #3

Video Series: Speech-Generating Device Myth - #2

Lingraphica Offers Tools for Your Support Group

Video Series: Speech-Generating Device Myth - #1

January 2018 ACE Webinar

Success Stories from Communication Device Users: Vol. 2

Aphasia Spotlight: Fredericksburg Area Support Group Offers Education and Friendship

Best Blogs of 2017

10 Activities for Your Aphasia Support Group

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Frases de Conversación (Conversation Phrases in Spanish)

December 2017 ACE Webinars

Success Story: Butch Goodwin Lives an Independent Life Despite Aphasia

6 Tips for Navigating the Holidays with Aphasia

November 2017 ACE Webinars

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Letters, Numbers, Colors

November is National Caregiver Awareness Month!

The Four Most Common Questions About Aphasia

10 Tips For Communicating with Someone Who Has Aphasia

Aphasia Spotlight: Minnesota Connect Aphasia Now

ABC’s “Speechless” and Five Facts About Communication Devices You Might Not Know

October 2017 ACE Webinars

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Pain Scale

Aphasia Spotlight: Aphasia Center of West Texas

Success Story: Rosanne Knapp Takes on Aphasia with a TouchTalk

September 2017 ACE Webinars

Aphasia Spotlight: Voices of Hope for Aphasia

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Intensive Care

Lingraphica Staff: 100% SCA-Trained! 2017 Launch Announcement

August 2017 ACE Webinars

Lingraphica Celebrates Two Years of TalkPath News and 2,000 News Stories!

Aphasia Spotlight: Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE)

Thomas Broussard, PhD, Makes Aphasia Presentation at Lingraphica

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Common Phrases

July 2017 ACE Webinars

Aphasia Spotlight: Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited

12 Tips for Successful Communication with a Person Who Has Aphasia

Aphasia Spotlight: Aphasia Treatment Program at Cal State East Bay

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month!

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Aphasia

Success Story: Jo Free Communicates 15 Years Post-Stroke

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Consonant Blends

May 2017 ACE Webinars

Aphasia Spotlight: Brooks Rehabilitation Aphasia Center

Introducing ACE Webinars

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Days, Months, Dates

Aphasia Spotlight: The Stroke Comeback Center

Four Myths about Aphasia: BUSTED!

Introducing ACE

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Daily Activities

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Aphasia Spotlight: Adler Aphasia Center

13,500 Speech Language and Cognitive Exercises Are Free on TalkPath Therapy!

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Phonemes

Success Story: Jack Brunetti Finds a Voice After a PPA Diagnosis

Remembering Nancy Mamis-King

Top 5 Speech-Generating Device Phrases For Valentine’s Day

Coming Soon to an App Store Near You: Aphasia Tunes!

Remembering Richard Leung

Managing an Aphasia Diagnosis

Best of Lingraphica 2016

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Dysphagia

We've Reached 1 Million Downloads: Our Mission to Help is Growing!

Holiday Traditions from Lingraphica's Aphasia User Group

Lingraphica User Group: Favorite Holiday Movies and Songs

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Conversational Phrases

Cut Down on Holiday Stress with Meditation

SmallTalk App Spotlight: Oral Motor Exercises

Spanish Communication Devices Are Here!

Let's Celebrate National Caregiver Awareness Month

"My Beautiful Broken Brain", A Netflix Documentary Review

Check Out the Latest Updates to TalkPath Therapy

How to Participate in Aphasia Awareness Month

Living with Stroke and Aphasia in the Real World: Nancy Mamis-King's Story

Secret Sauce to Telepractice: The Role of An E-Helper

Data-Driven Therapy: See TalkPath Therapy's New Reports Feature

Meet Our ALL NEW Communication Devices

ASHA 2015: A Recap of the ASHA Convention

Four Fun Things To Know About Lingraphica's ASHA Partner, YappGuru

Overcoming Aphasia: Joe Greenhouse's Recovery Story

The Steve Gleason Act: How it Impacts AAC Users

Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Key points, backed by research, to put your mind at ease about AAC

Our Speech-Generating Devices: Variety of Voices

SmallTalk Conversational Phrases In Spanish Is Here!

Our Speech-Generating Devices: Type and Talk

Your News, Your Way: TalkPath News Joins Google Play and the App Store!

Our Speech-Generating Devices: Device Speed

Teletherapy, telepractice, telemedicine: What all of these inside baseball terms mean and why they matter to you

Our Speech-Generating Devices: Adjustable Settings

Extra, Extra! Read all about TalkPath News!

Our Speech-Generating Devices: FastTalk

June Is Aphasia Awareness Month: Learn About Aphasia and Spread the Word

Let’s Get Personal: Expressing Yourself with the New TouchTalk and MiniTalk Speech-Generating Devices

Why We Need Free Speech Therapy Apps

Raising Awareness of the Life Participation Approach with AphasiaAccess

New Study Shows Adults With Chronic Aphasia Improve With Teletherapy

We're a Featured Developer on YappGuru

Touchdown! Free Super Bowl Themed Speech Therapy Activities

Year in Review: Looking Back at 2014

Tech Talk: Lingraphica's SmallTalk Apps

Five Tips to Help Your Loved One with Aphasia Navigate the Holidays

Looking Back: A Recap of the 2014 ASHA Convention

Medicare is Listening: Updates to #saveSGDtech

No Fear Here: Why An AAC Device Is Not To Be Feared

Setting the Record Straight on Medicare and Speech-Generating Device Technology

Raising Awareness of Stroke Around the Globe

Meet Herb: Blogger, Stroke Survivor, and Aphasia Advocate

When Coffee and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Come Together

What do ALS, the Ice Bucket Challenge, Medicare and Aphasia Have in Common?

For SLPs: 10 Quick Tips about Apps

What to Expect When You're Not Expecting Aphasia

Six Things We Love About the All New TalkPath Therapy Platform

Five Steps to Get Involved with Aphasia Awareness Month

Four Reasons Why We Love AAC Devices (And You Should Too)

Lingraphica Kicks Off Better Hearing and Speech Month

This is NO joke! Meet our FREE ACE Program

Medicare Capped Rental: What is it and how does it affect me?

Identifying the Signs of Communication Disorders

Evaluate Your Clients Faster With Our Device Assessment Tool

That’s a Wrap: A Look Back at the 2013 ASHA Convention

Giving Thanks for Caregivers Around the World

Inside My Social Media-Friendly ASHA Poster Session

Lingraphica Helps Raise Awareness for Stroke and Aphasia on World Stroke Day

We’re talking about Aphasia on LinkedIn! Will you join us?

Behind the Scenes at Lingraphica's TEDx Wilmington Talk

Telemedicine and Aphasia Therapy: The Future is Here

Showing Our Love for SLPs During Better Hearing and Speech Month

New CMS Rules for 2013 Mandate Face-to-Face Visit for SGDs

Debunking Aphasia Myths: SGDs, Continued Improvement, and Outcomes for the Elderly