This is NO joke! Meet our FREE ACE Program

Apr 01, 2014 | by Lisa Haynes, MS, CCC-SLP

No April Fools' joking here! Beginning today, with every complete order of a Lingraphica speech-generating device your clients will become part of the ACE Program. The program consists of three things: a free copy of the ACE Program Guidebook, educational webinars, and informative emails.

We call it the ACE Program (ACE stands for Achieve, Communicate, Express) because we want your clients to achieve functional communication with the help of their Lingraphica speech-generating device.

So how does it work? Upon placing the device order, your clients will receive the ACE Program Guidebook. The guidebook is a structured book of self-paced, practical exercises your clients can do on their own or with a communication partner. By working through the book, your clients will get closer to establishing functional communication skills. In addition to the guidebook, Lingraphica will provide additional content and a free educational webinar each month where your clients will be able to connect with a Lingraphica Clinical Consultant.

The new ACE Program is available today! To learn more or get started on a device trial, call us at 888-274-2742 or visit