Identifying the Signs of Communication Disorders

Jan 16, 2014 | by Lisa Haynes, MS, CCC-SLP

A new, nationwide effort to educate the public about communication disorders was recently launched by the national American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The campaign, called Identify the Signs, aims to help people recognize the early warning signs of communication disorders. This topic couldn’t be timelier—or more important.

An estimated 40 million Americans have trouble speaking or hearing due to a communication disorder. At least a million of them have aphasia, a communication disorder that affects a person’s speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities. It’s this group — adults with aphasia — that we serve.

We know that detection, proper diagnosis, and practice can help a person improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills and get back on the road to recovery faster. Once these signs have been identified, it's important to start rebuilding speech skills quickly. Lingraphica has the right tools—like a communication device and therapy materials—to help adults with aphasia communicate again.

We know that navigating the aphasia journey can be challenging, but we believe there is a way to communicate again and we’re here to help. To learn more about our solutions, click here. To see first hand how our speech-generating devices, online speech therapy, and therapy apps help adults with aphasia communicate again, check out our Stories of Hope.