The Aphasia Corner

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All About Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)

Primary Progressive Aphasia, or PPA, is a type of aphasia. But, it is different from other types of aphasia in several ways. Let’s take a closer look at what PPA is, how it is different from aphasia due to stroke, how it is diagnosed, and where you can turn for support.

Lingraphica User Group Visits Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey

On June 7, 2019, Lingraphica’s User Group in Princeton departed from our usual format of meeting at the office. Instead, we headed a few miles down the road to a 42-acre sculpture garden called Grounds for Sculpture. Here's a glimpse into a little bit of what we saw and the fun we had. 

Sailing the High Seas: Life Participation Approach to Aphasia in Action

A stroke resulting in aphasia can take many things away from an individual, including the ability to travel. Not being able to do the things one loves can often lead to a person with aphasia becoming isolated and depressed. What better way to re-engage in life then going on a cruise with a group of individuals who share their experiences, challenges, and aspirations? From June 1-6, 2019, 89 people with aphasia, caregivers, and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) set sail on an Aphasia Recovery Connection (ARC) cruise from New Jersey to Bermuda to connect with one another. Read on to find out about these cruises and the experiences of the attendees. 

Kudos from Customers Like You - June

We receive feedback from customers who use our apps, online therapy, and devices every day. Here are a few testimonials from people like you about their experience with Lingraphica.

Two Cornerstones of the Aphasia Community Turn Sixteen

In June, both the Adler Aphasia Center and the Triangle Aphasia Project celebrated sixteen years of research, awareness, and advocacy. Both events were proudly sponsored by Lingraphica.

There's a New Doctor in Lingraphica's House!

Lingraphica’s own Brianne Kosch, M.A., CCC-SLP/ATP, recently traded in some letters behind her name for new ones. In June  2019, she earned her Clinical Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology (SLPD) from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and became the second “doctor” on staff at Lingraphica, along with our Chief Scientist and Co-founder, Dr. Richard Steele. 

Here's What's Happening for Aphasia Awareness Month 2019!

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month. Join us as we raise awareness of this communication disorder that affects 34% of stroke survivors, yet is little-known and often misunderstood.

Aphasia Spotlight: Utah State University Aphasia Support Group

Dealing with aphasia can be a long, hard road for many. Thankfully, there are organizations dedicated to helping and supporting that journey. Meet the Utah State University Aphasia Support Group and the services it provides to people who have aphasia.

New Software Update: Using Bing to Search for Icon Images

Lingraphica proudly announces our latest update to our device software! Find out what new feature we've brought to the AllTalk, TouchTalk, and MiniTalk.

May is Here...and so are Better Hearing & Speech Month and Stroke Awareness Month!

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and it's also Stroke Awareness Month! Read on for a few facts, resources, and ways we can raise awareness together!