Six Things We Love About the All New TalkPath Therapy Platform

Jun 24, 2014 | by Kevin Self

June is a busy month for Lingraphica. In addition to spreading the word about aphasia during Aphasia Awareness Month, we launched our brand new TalkPath Therapy app for the iPad®.

Now, the same exercises available through the Web browser ( are accessible on the iPad. This new, integrated platform allows clinicians and individuals to access TalkPath Therapy’s exercises from multiple platforms. The fun doesn’t stop there! In fact, the TalkPath Therapy platform has so many exciting features we had to list them out!

1. One Account, Two Ways to Access. Whether you access TalkPath Therapy online from a computer Web browser or the app, all of your information is saved to your ONE account. Likewise, if you use TalkPath Therapy from your iPad app while offline, all of your information is stored on the iPad and automatically added and saved to your account the next time you are online. You only need one log in to access the platform from the Web or the iPad.

2. Thousands of Exercises. Once you create a free account you gain access to more than 4,600 speech therapy exercises in four categories: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Each exercise set contains tasks at varying levels of difficulty. You can select whether you’d like the exercises to automatically or manually advance to the next level of difficulty.

3. Individual and Caregiver Accounts. An individual or caregiver can create an account and use the exercises without the supervision of a clinician. If you are working with a clinician we recommend linking accounts with them. This way, you can arrange your exercises in a manner that fits your needs. Regardless, you can complete exercises at your own pace and monitor your progress in the “My Reports” section. Plus, unless you specifically log out, you remain logged into the TalkPath Therapy iPad app all the time.

4. Professional Accounts. Clinicians will find TalkPath Therapy is the perfect addition to their toolkit. With TalkPath, clinicians can create unique, customized therapy plans for their clients. Using the “My Clients” features section, clinicians can link their accounts with their clients, assign exercises, and tailor plans to meet the needs of each individual on their case load. By using the “My Reports” plan, clinicians can monitor their clients’ progress and adjust their plans accordingly.

5. Linking Accounts. It’s easy for clinicians and clients to work together on TalkPath Therapy. A clinician can request to link accounts with their client. Once the accounts are joined, the clinician can select specific activities for a client to complete and the client has access to those activities from a computer or the iPad app.

6. It’s Free During Our Extended Free Trial. There is no fee to use the exercises or download the app. In fact, Lingraphica is working hard to gather information about how to make TalkPath Therapy the best platform on the Web. Users can submit feedback at anytime through the website.

What are you waiting for? Download the TalkPath Therapy app today or log onto and create a free account.