Four Reasons Why We Love AAC Devices (And You Should Too)

May 14, 2014 | by Lisa Haynes, MS, CCC-SLP

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a term used to describe any mode of communication other than speech.

Many people hear the word, “alternative,” and associate “different” with it, but the truth is AAC is used by everyone regardless of speech impairment! AAC can be a facial expression, a gesture, or even interpretative dance!

For people with speech and language impairments, particular AAC systems have been developed either to supplement speech or to provide an alternative to speech; one example is a speech-generating device, which Lingraphica specializes in creating.

Today, there are a variety of AAC systems available, and we’ve included the top four reasons why you should love it!

  1. AAC is backed by extensive experience, innovative research and development, quality, and service. These resources help support AAC as a trustworthy communication solution for individuals needing assistance with their speech. Check out Dr. Richard Steele’s research on AAC and speech-generating devices for adults with aphasia here.
  2. AAC can be low-tech or high-tech. At Lingraphica we specialize in high-tech devices for adults with aphasia. However, some users find tablet and smartphone apps helpful. There's no need to fear an AAC device!
  3. AAC devices can help individuals develop familiarity with commonly-used words, phrases, and sentences. With a Lingraphica device, users can work with a communication partner to customize their device to include frequently-used phrases. This partnership provides valuable learning opportunities for people not using AAC everyday.
  4. AAC devices are fun! Lingraphica devices come with more than 4,600 icons and 9,000 words, and the ability to create more. Building sentences and phrases has never been easier. You can call us to try one of our three speech-generating devices.

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