Giving Thanks for Caregivers Around the World

Nov 25, 2013 | by Kevin Self

Each year more Americans are caring for a loved one with a chronic condition or disability. Today there are as many as 90 million family caregivers in the United States. The Pew Research Center estimates that four in 10 adults in the U.S. are caring for an adult or child with significant health issues. These statistics grow higher every year, which makes National Caregivers Month even more significant.

At Lingraphica, we have the pleasure of engaging with multiple caregivers. Whether we are working with a caregiver associated with our Lingraphica Aphasia Users Group, or talking with a caregiver interested in a speech-generating device for their loved one, we understand the struggles caregivers face on a daily basis.

To celebrate their hard work and dedication, we captured four caregivers stories on camera. We hope you have a chance to watch the videos and learn more about aphasia in the process. For those that are new to caregiving, one theme that transcends all of the interviews is hope – each caregiver has hope for a better tomorrow. Their hope is contagious, inspiring, and motivating to our team. We hope you see the same thing.

Meet John King. His wife, Nancy King, had a stroke more than 10 years ago and has aphasia. John and Nancy are also longtime members of our users group. Watch John here:

Meet Betsy Antonoff. Her husband, Paul, had a stroke more than ten years ago and he has aphasia. She shares caregiving duties with her two sons. Watch Betsy here:

Meet Ray Wolkind. His wife, Rita, had a stroke 11 months ago and she has aphasia. Rita is still new to aphasia, but is determined to continue her progress. Watch Ray here:

Meet Ed Karecki. His wife, Lucille, had a stroke 16 years ago and has aphasia. Lucille and Ed are longtime members of our users group. Watch Ed here:

Please join us and wish John, Betsy, Ray, and Ed a happy National Caregivers Month.