Kudos from Customers Like You - August/September

Oct 05, 2018 | by Angie Maher

We receive feedback from customers who use our apps, online therapy, and devices every day. Here are a few testimonials from people like you about their experience with Lingraphica.

Customer Kudos from August and September

"Functional, easy to individualize, and good support." — Caregiver of a TouchTalk Owner, 9/3/18 

"The staff member I spoke to was amazing! The original doctor was out if the office, I asked that the information be faxed to my husband’s general practitioner.  It was done immediately, and the item was approved. There was a follow-up call, and the item is now in hand!" — Caregiver of a TouchTalk Owner, 9/3/18 

"It’s just a wonderful program, and it is free." — TalkPath Therapy Web User, 9/2/18 

"I like your efficiency and professionalism." — Caregiver of TouchTalk Owner, 8/30/18 

"Complete support from Justina in tech department. Great job!" — Person with aphasia in Device Trial, 8/24/18 

"It was clear and well presented. For those who are aphasic, this device is a huge assistance." — Attendee of ACE Webinar, 8/22/18 

"It has been very helpful for my husband who suffered a stroke 10 years ago as well as helpful for me trying to understand what my husband wants to get across to me. The different activities are also practical. Thank you." — Caregiver of person in Device Trial, 8/21/18 

"The customer service person who reached out to help us acquire this wonderful device was great." — TouchTalk Owner, 8/21/18 

"[The device trainer] was so very nice. Did a great job!!!" — Caregiver of a TouchTalk Owner, 8/19/18 

"Este dispositivo ha ayudado a mi esposo a pronunciar palabras que antes no podía decir. Ahora sé exactamente lo que quiere desayunar. Ha sido genial. ¡También puede decir frases cortas!" Translation: "This device has helped my husband to pronounce words that previously he could not say. Now I know exactly what he wants to have for breakfast. It's been great. He can also say short phrases!" — Caregiver of a Spanish Device Owner, 8/16/18 

"It gives me a chance to work on my skills whenever I have the time at home." — TalkPath Therapy Web User, 8/15/18 


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