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Lisa Haynes, MS, CCC-SLP

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Welcome to the New and Improved TalkPath Therapy!

Lingraphica made some exciting updates and additions to our popular online therapy platform, TalkPath™ Therapy! Whether you are already an avid user of TalkPath Therapy or are brand new to this tool, you'll want to read on to find out what our latest version can do for you or your loved one.

Secret Sauce to Telepractice: The Role of An E-Helper

Telepractice is an effective and affordable alternative to traditional speech therapy. With Lingraphica's TalkPath Live our certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) use a computer, a webcam, and video software to conduct remote speech therapy sessions with clients.

Teletherapy, telepractice, telemedicine: What all of these inside baseball terms mean and why they matter to you

For years, news outlets have been writing about the changing healthcare marketplace. Writers introduce the shifting marketplace by using interchangeable terms like teletherapy, telepractice, and telemedicine, leaving readers and potential patients scratching their heads wondering “what is this?”

Our Speech-Generating Devices: Adjustable Settings

This post is part of an on-going blog series called, “Our Speech-Generating Devices: Up Close and Personal.” Each week we’re highlighting a new feature on our devices. Check out last month’s post here.

Our Speech-Generating Devices: FastTalk

You may have heard that two of our smallest and most portable speech-generating devices (SGDs) got a makeover. It’s true! Now, the TouchTalk and MiniTalk SGDs have several new features that make our SGDs more compatible for users with a wider array of speech and language disorders. As such, we’re outlining exactly what these updates means for you and your clients.

Let’s Get Personal: Expressing Yourself with the New TouchTalk and MiniTalk Speech-Generating Devices

Do you have a catch phrase? What about a joke you repeat often? How about a sports chant for your favorite team?

These phrases capture your personality and show your friends and family how you think about the world, life, and your friends. If they suddenly were gone or stuck on the tip-of-your-tongue, communicating would be incredibly frustrating and disappointing.

For SLPs: 10 Quick Tips about Apps

Calling all speech-language pathologists who are using a tablet and/or smartphone! Do you have the right mobile apps on your device? Whether you’re working in a home health organization, clinic, or school, it’s vital that you have a tried-and-true method for selecting and incorporating mobile apps into your speech therapy practice. Here are a 10 tips to consider when selecting mobile apps for your professional use.

Four Reasons Why We Love AAC Devices (And You Should Too)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a term used to describe any mode of communication other than speech.

This is NO joke! Meet our FREE ACE Program

No April Fools' joking here! Beginning today, with every complete order of a Lingraphica speech-generating device your clients will become part of the ACE Program. The program consists of three things: a free copy of the ACE Program Guidebook, educational webinars, and informative emails.

Medicare Capped Rental: What is it and how does it affect me?

The speech-language community is buzzing with talk about a new term, “capped rental.” You may have heard from a colleague or peer that capped rental is going to impact Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices. While this is true, we are here to help clarify what this change means for you and your clients.