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11,500 Speech Language and Cognitive Exercises Are Free on TalkPath Therapy!

TalkPath Therapy offers more than 11,500 speech language and cognitive exercises…for free! This means that the platform addresses your clients’ language and cognitive needs. Here’s what you can expect from TalkPath Therapy! 

February 23, 2016

Speech Therapy, Blog

By Kevin Self

Secret Sauce to Telepractice: The Role of An E-Helper

Telepractice is an effective and affordable alternative to traditional speech therapy. With Lingraphica's TalkPath Live our certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) use a computer, a webcam, and video software to conduct remote speech therapy sessions with clients.

Data-Driven Therapy: See TalkPath Therapy's New Reports Feature

Clinicians, medical professionals, and speech-language pathologists are beginning to quantify patients' progress with numbers, data, and metrics. The trend towards showing improvement or progress is driven by data.

December 22, 2015

Speech Therapy, Blog

By Kate Williams

SmallTalk Conversational Phrases In Spanish Is Here!

To celebrate the launch of our ALL NEW SmallTalk Frases de Conversación we have a special bilingual blog post! Enjoy today's post in English and in Spanish, and don't forget to download the app!

Teletherapy, telepractice, telemedicine: What all of these inside baseball terms mean and why they matter to you

For years, news outlets have been writing about the changing healthcare marketplace. Writers introduce the shifting marketplace by using interchangeable terms like teletherapy, telepractice, and telemedicine, leaving readers and potential patients scratching their heads wondering “what is this?”

Extra, Extra! Read all about TalkPath News!

How many conversations about the news did you have with others today? Whether you live in a metropolitan area or a city where the town square is the central communication hub, local news matters to the lives of residents.

Touchdown! Free Super Bowl Themed Speech Therapy Activities

Are you ready for some football? We are! Of course, we aren’t taking sides, but you can! By working with clients on seasonal activities, especially sports-related exercises, you can spark conversation and engagement. Below are four exercises that engage a clients’ language and cognitive skills.

For SLPs: 10 Quick Tips about Apps

Calling all speech-language pathologists who are using a tablet and/or smartphone! Do you have the right mobile apps on your device? Whether you’re working in a home health organization, clinic, or school, it’s vital that you have a tried-and-true method for selecting and incorporating mobile apps into your speech therapy practice. Here are a 10 tips to consider when selecting mobile apps for your professional use.

Six Things We Love About the All New TalkPath Therapy Platform

June is a busy month for Lingraphica. In addition to spreading the word about aphasia during Aphasia Awareness Month, we launched our brand new TalkPath Therapy app for the iPad®.

Telemedicine and Aphasia Therapy: The Future is Here

For years, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) working with people with aphasia have entertained the idea of how effective remove speech therapy could be for some patients, but the idea has been largely dismissed as a non-viable therapy option. Today, however, technology has improved, practices have evolved, and telemedicine is gaining momentum as a natural "next step" in aphasia therapy.

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