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Why We Need Free Speech Therapy Apps

By Denise McCall, MA, SLP-CCC

Imagine you’re a successful accountant running your own small business. Every day you manage budgets, address clients, and work hard to grow your business. During a stressful day you feel lightheaded and end up in the hospital. A doctor explains that you’ve had a stroke. Your words are jumbled and you have difficulty processing language. A second doctor tells you that you have aphasia.

Meet Herb: Blogger, Stroke Survivor, and Aphasia Advocate

By Herb Silverman

Writing my blog, Unmistakably Herb,, over the last several months, one of the post I published was so intriguing that it continues to ponder and persuade me even still. The article was called "Build The Excitement Anyone Would Be Proud Of" and, at the end of the article, I scribbled these words:

A Caregiver’s Story: The Bond that Forms

As part of Caregiver Awareness Month, Lingraphica will feature a caregiver’s story each week throughout November. Help us celebrate these stories and people by providing feedback to these posts.