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Michele Hart-Henry

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Year in Review: Looking Back at 2014

It seems like just yesterday I was preparing 2013’s year-in-review blog post and planning for 2014. What a year it’s been! As it turns out, we saw a lot of changes to our industry in the past year – from speech-generating device coverage reminders to capped rental to the expansion of the online therapy world. As we close the year, we look forward to building new relationships, expanding our offerings, and adding additional resources to help clinicians, individuals, and their caregivers.

What do ALS, the Ice Bucket Challenge, Medicare and Aphasia Have in Common?

Last week, former New Orleans Saints football player, Steve Gleason penned an op-ed inThe Washington Post about his journey with ALS. Gleason, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2011, shares how he relies on a speech-generating device and other forms of technology to help him communicate, eat, breath, and interact with his family.

Behind the Scenes at Lingraphica's TEDx Wilmington Talk

Twice a month individuals with aphasia and their caregivers gather at our office for the Lingraphica Aphasia User’s Group. Many times we see our friends eager to converse, but frustrated because it's difficult to do so. This experience is unforgettable, motivating, and inspiring. In fact, the interaction with our user’s group helped spark our interest in participating in the regional TEDx talk in Wilmington, Del. Little did we know that our CEO Andrew Gomory’s TEDx talk on aphasia would help hone an even bigger idea for the aphasia community.

New CMS Rules for 2013 Mandate Face-to-Face Visit for SGDs

Patients’ speech conditions must be documented by physician prior to purchase 

In recent months, we’ve been monitoring potential changes to Medicare’s requirements for covering speech-generating devices (SGDs).

Debunking Aphasia Myths: SGDs, Continued Improvement, and Outcomes for the Elderly

The brain is far more adaptable than science once believed. At Lingraphica, this has been the driving force behind decades of clinical research to improve language re-acquisition for adults with aphasia.

It's Time to Honor You - The Caregiver

November is National Caregiver Awareness month. In honor of caregivers everywhere, Lingraphica would like to recognize and celebrate what you do — day-in and day-out.

Helping Clear Confusion Around Medicare Caps and Speech-Generating Devices

Changes — or perceived changes — to an already complex healthcare system can bring uncertainty and confusion. This is what happened recently when beneficiaries received letters from Medicare outlining payment caps for patients receiving speech therapy services.