The Aphasia Corner

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We’re talking about Aphasia on LinkedIn! Will you join us?

Behind many individuals with aphasia there’s a speech-language pathologist (SLP) providing support, sharing educational materials, and helping their recovery. As The Aphasia Company™, Lingraphica wants to support SLPs in this ongoing effort. So, we’ve built a LinkedIn group called Aphasia Nation just for SLPs and speech-language professionals.

Behind the Scenes at Lingraphica's TEDx Wilmington Talk

Twice a month individuals with aphasia and their caregivers gather at our office for the Lingraphica Aphasia User’s Group. Many times we see our friends eager to converse, but frustrated because it's difficult to do so. This experience is unforgettable, motivating, and inspiring. In fact, the interaction with our user’s group helped spark our interest in participating in the regional TEDx talk in Wilmington, Del. Little did we know that our CEO Andrew Gomory’s TEDx talk on aphasia would help hone an even bigger idea for the aphasia community.

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