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Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is officially brain injury awareness month. This blog post highlights various brain injury facts and also offers resources to anyone who is suffering from this condition.

Cut Down on Holiday Stress with Meditation

While everyday life can be stressful enough for persons with communication disorders, the holidays can add another layer of complication. With holiday parties and visits from family, there is no shortage of background noise from music and loud conversations, as well as pressure from others wanting to communicate. People with speaking challenges can still enjoy the holidays with the help of a few minutes of meditation each day.

"My Beautiful Broken Brain", A Netflix Documentary Review

If you are looking for an uplifting movie to watch this weekend, then you don’t want to miss My Beautiful Broken Brain, a Netflix original documentary about a young woman who suffers a stroke and finds out what it takes to live with aphasia.

Five Steps to Get Involved with Aphasia Awareness Month

Did you know that more than two million people have aphasia in the United States? Even though a large number have the disorder, many people don’t even know about it. This June we’re hoping to change that with our Faces of Aphasia campaign -- which kicks off today.

Behind the Scenes at Lingraphica's TEDx Wilmington Talk

Twice a month individuals with aphasia and their caregivers gather at our office for the Lingraphica Aphasia User’s Group. Many times we see our friends eager to converse, but frustrated because it's difficult to do so. This experience is unforgettable, motivating, and inspiring. In fact, the interaction with our user’s group helped spark our interest in participating in the regional TEDx talk in Wilmington, Del. Little did we know that our CEO Andrew Gomory’s TEDx talk on aphasia would help hone an even bigger idea for the aphasia community.

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