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Our Speech-Generating Devices: FastTalk

You may have heard that two of our smallest and most portable speech-generating devices (SGDs) got a makeover. It’s true! Now, the TouchTalk and MiniTalk SGDs have several new features that make our SGDs more compatible for users with a wider array of speech and language disorders. As such, we’re outlining exactly what these updates means for you and your clients.

June Is Aphasia Awareness Month: Learn About Aphasia and Spread the Word

June is Aphasia Awareness Month! We’re partnering with aphasia centers, support groups, university centers, and individuals to raise awareness with a campaign called, “Faces of Aphasia.” Read on to learn more about aphasia and see how you can get involved!

As many as two million Americans have aphasia, but many people don’t even know about it! We’ve outlined the basic facts about aphasia below.

June 1, 2015

Blog, Aphasia

By Kate Williams

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